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10-3/4” Mechanical Cement Retainer
Setting Tool Info
Installing Cement Retainer onto Mechanical Setting Tool
1. With the setting tool in the vise. Rotate the setting sleeve towards the top of the tool to completely expose the control latch.

2. Install the upper slips onto the slip adapter and rotate the setting sleeve downward to cover the top of the slips and holds them in place.

3. Slide the cement retainer onto the setting tool. Push the retainer on to the setting tool until it is engaged by the control latch threads.

Once engaged, rotate the tool to the left until it bumps up at the top of the control latch.

4. Back the tool off to the right ¼ turn or until the shear screw hole in the retainer aligns with the shear hole in the control latch. Install the shear screw provided with the cement retainer.

5. Continue rotating the setting sleeve downward, over the top slips until it touches the top of the wicker. Back off ¼ turn and install the set screws provided with the setting tool.

Setting Procedure
1. At setting depth, circulate uid through the tool in order to wash away any debris that may have accumulated on the bottom of the retainer and also to wash the casing at the setting point.

2. Pick up 2 feet above the desired setting point.

3. Rotate the tubing to the right 10 turns at the tool.

4. Slack o on the tubing to the setting depth to release the top slips.

5. Pull tension to set the top slips and pack o the element.

Pack Off Force Requirement
6. Slack off the same amount of weight as initially pulled to set the lower slips against the casing.

7. Pull tension again. At this point, the tool should be packed off and the valve closed. Tubing and annular tests can be conducted at this time.

8. To release the setting tool, pull ~ 500 lbs. and rotate 10 turns to the right.

9. Once the tool is released, the valve can be opened by setting down on the retainer and closed by stinging out of it.


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