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The Fortress Wireline Bridge Plugs are easily drillable, wireline set bridge plugs that are used for temporary isolation during stimulation or for both temporary and permanent abandonments. The design features the following:

• Drillable, Cast Iron Construction
• Sets with baker style 05, #10, #20, and GO Style wireline or hydraulic setting tools
• Standard case hardened wicker slips for setting in up to P-110 casing, can be upgraded with carbide slips for premium grade casing. Slip break force is batch tested in order to ensure consistent slip break force (break force testing is available upon request)
• Standard NBR element system works in temperature up to 275 °F, can be upgraded with HNBR (up to 350 °F), or FKM for corrosive environments. All elements are batch tested to ensure consistent performance (element pressure test reports available upon request)
• Ratcheting lock ring captures and holds setting force in the element in order to maintain pack off during pressure reversals
• Compatible with most industry standard setting sleeves
• Tensile studs are batch tested or each bar of stock material to ensure consistent set force for each plug (MTRs and test reports available upon request)
• API Spec 11D1 compliant

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