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Setting Sleeve Info
Running/Setting Procedure
1. Remove the top sub from HM Bridge Plug using right hand rotation, then make up the top sub to the tubing or pup joint and torque accordingly.

2. Stand HM Bridge Plug on the rig floor while lowering the tubing joint with the top sub connected make up the top sub to the assembly, wrench tight.

3. Run in hole to the desired setting depth.

a) Running speed should not exceed 90 ft/min.
b) Running speed should be reduced when approaching the top of wellbore fluid and also when entering liner tops.
c) Avoid unnecessary right hand rotation of tubing while trippingdownhole.
d) When moving the tubing string, use slow starts and stops:minimize jerking.
4. Drop setting ball, allowing 5 minutes for every 1000 ft in water,more time may be required in mud or more viscous fluids.

5. Apply pump pressure per the chart below.

Applied pressure will pump the setting sleeve downward into the slip, which will break the slip so that it will engage the casing.

6. Pull tension above pipe weight per the chart below, and hold for 5-10 minutes.

Rotational Release Procedure
1. In the event that rotational release is desired, pull 500 lb tension above string weight.

2. Rotate the tuning to the right for a total of 10 turns.

Shear Release Procedure
1. In the event that shear release is desired, simply pull the required tension above pipe weight to break the tensile stud. See release force chart below.

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