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Fortress Downhole Tools announces the first Completion Plug and Perf “Pay Per Stage” Recycling Setting Tool Program

Fortress Downhole Tools developed a proprietary Wireline Setting Tool, branded as “Cyclops“ (Cycling Operations) designed to replace conventional and disposable wireline setting tools. The Patent Pending setting tool includes a proprietary dampening stage,dual self-bleed off which will safely and efficiently set any frac plug without hydrostatic limitations. The cost savings (50 to 60% less expensive than disposable setting tools per run), simplicity and compact size of the Cyclops is what separates itself from all other setting tools on the market today. Fortress is offering the Cyclops Setting Tool in conjunction with our Cyclops Efficiency Program (CEP). The Program allows our customers to realize 1) overall cost savings, 2) streamline Setting Tool field deployments, 3)improve cash flow with e-consignment and many other additional benefits. 4) Run tracking with smart phone and PC.

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