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The Fortress Mechanical Setting Tools are used to mechanically set Fortress Mechanical Cement Retainers. This tool has both a stinger to open and close the cement retainer valve as well as a built-in snap-latch, allowing the tool to be latched into the cement retainer. The sleeve-valve on the cement retainer is in the open position while being run in the well. When the setting procedure is completed, the sleeve-valve may be closed by picking up two inches at the tools or opened by slacking off two inches. The snap latch feature allows the sleeve-valve to be shifted open or closed while the tubing is still anchored to the retainer.

• Specially designed Bow Spring provides positive control and allows one size Mechanical Setting Tools to cover a large range of casing weight
• The Upper slips are held in a safe retracted position while running
• Allows users to set retainers, pressure test tubing, and squeeze in a single trip
• Can quickly be configured to set Fortress Mechanical Cement Retainers or
Fortress Mechanical Bridge Plugs

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