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Industry’s First Pay-Per-Stage, Recycling Setting Tool Program
Cycling Operations

The Fortress Setting Tool is a gas operated, oil-free setting tool, designed to replace the standard Baker-style wireline setting tool and also disposable tools. 50-60% less expensive than disposable tools, this patent pending tool is specifically designed to reduce downtime and increase cycling of operations, hence “cycl-ops”. The design also includes a proprietary dampening stage and dual bleed off in order to safely
and efficiently set any downhole tool that is designed to be run on the Baker 20
setting tool or equivalent.

This game-changing tool coupled with Fortress’s Cyclops Efficiency Program or CEP can improve your cash flow by giving you instant ownership type accessibility in a rental tool system. No supply chain headaches. Add Fortress’s fully customizable iFortress tool and data tracking app and you now have all critical run data at your fingertips. Call for more information.


Model: ST2000
• Length – 39.59”
• Weight – 73 lbs
• Shear Force – 60,000 lbs
• Stroke Length – 10.00”

Features, Advantages and Benefits

• Cost Savings/No Upfront Costs
• All Inclusive Price Per Stage
• Direct Replacement of Disposables
• Reduced Risk of NPT
• Pressure Balanced
• No Hydrostatic Limitations
• Oil-Free Design / Self Bleeding
• Proprietary Dampening Stage & Dual Bleed Off
• Average 7 min Rebuild Time
• (5) Tool Components
• Only Requires (5) O-Rings
• On-Site Field Training / Seamless Integration
• iFortress Run Data Tracking

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