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Does the CYCLOPS setting tool have oil?

No. The CYCLOPS ST is a gas-operated and pressure-balanced design.

Do you have a bleed sub, or do you have to bleed your tool at surface?

Neither, the tool self-bleeds downhole, eliminating the safety risks associated with bleeding tools off on the surface.

Have you ever had any fishing jobs due to the CYCLOPS setting tool?

No. Our success rate has zero soft set plugs, zero setting tool attributed fishing jobs and zero pre-set plugs.

Do I have to pay for onboarding?

No. Onboarding is completed by a Fortress Engineer at no additional cost.

What type of firing head does the CYCLOPS setting tool require?

The ST2000 requires the DB20 firing head. The ST1000 requires the Baker 10 firing head.

What type of power charge does the CYCLOPS setting tool require?

The ST2000 requires 3 5/8 compact power charge. The ST1000 requires a standard Baker 10 power charge.

* All manufactured with a carrying equivalent to Baker 10 and 3 5/8.

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