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Say farewell to disposable and field redressable wireline setting tools with Fortress Downhole Tools’ premier CYCLOPS Recycling Setting Tool Program. Our built-for-purpose, all-inclusive, paid-per-stage service model provides a unique and cost-efficient alternative to disposable and field redressable tools.

The most ESG-compliant setting tool, CYCLOPS is a gas-operated, oil-free tool designed with advanced setting tool technology. The self-bleeding tool eliminates pressure release on surface, and offers no hydrostatic limitations. With minimal waste of only three sets of seals, the CYCLOPS setting tool is also compatible with industry-standard power charges and firing heads. The setting tool undergoes an extensive QA/QC program, which includes post-rebuild leak test and QC checks before each deployment, as well as dimensional and magnetic particle inspections conducted at regularly scheduled intervals.


  • Self-bleeding
  • No Oil Required
  • No Hydrostatic Limitations
  • Patented Dual-dampening Stage System
  • Pressure Balanced


  • ZERO Fishing Jobs
  • ZERO Soft-set Plugs
  • ZERO Pre-set Plugs
  • 100% Bleed Off Downhole
  • Industry Leading ESG Operations

Our patented tool is built to withstand the most rigorous downhole conditions and features a robust design purposely over-engineered to exceed the highest safety standards and performs in high-pressure, high-temperature, highly deviated wells.

Fortress’ trained and SafeLand USA-certified personnel adhere to the strictest safety protocols while handling logistics, inspections, tool teardowns and rebuilds.

Along with our patented iFortress technology, we follow the most stringent quality assurance and quality control guidance for 100 percent traceability.

CYCLOPS Setting Tool Models

Model — ST2000

Length: 38.125”

Shear Force: 60,000 pounds

Weight: 73 pounds

Stroke Length: 10”

Operating Pressure: 20,000 PSI

Model — ST1000

Length: 33.67”

Shear Force: 40,000 pounds

Weight: 37 pounds

Stroke Length: 7”

Operating pressure: 20,000 PSI

CYCLOPS tool model ST1000

CYCLOPS Compatibility

Fortress Downhole Tools provides custom solutions to meet the needs of each client. CYCLOPS offers compatibility with a large range of frac plug sets and power charges.

CYCLOPS Frac Plug Sets

wdt_ID Plug Provider Model Size Material Type
39 Baker Hughes Millite 5.5 Metallic Hybrid
40 Forum ProDrill 5.5 Composite
41 Geo Dynamics Evolve 5.5 Composite
42 Halliburton Prestige 5.5 Composite
43 Halliburton Obsidian Prime 5.5 Composite
44 Halliburton Illusion 4.5 Dissolvable
45 Halliburton Ultra 4.5 Composite
46 Hover Fenix 4.5, 5, & 5.5 Composite
47 Innovex Tomcat 5.5 Composite
48 Innovex Bubba 5.5 Dissolvable

CYCLOPS Power Charges

wdt_ID Power Charge Manufacturer ST1000 ST2000
1 Diamondback Baker 10 3 5/8" Compact
2 GEO Dynamics Legacy 10 Legacy 3 5/8" Compact
3 Hunting Titan
4 Baker Hughes TrueStage

Reliability Guaranteed

The CYCLOPS Setting Tool provides efficiency and reliability with every run. Fortress is proud to maintain a high success rate on thousands of runs downhole with zero fishing jobs, soft-set plugs, and pre-set plugs. We also have 100 percent bleed off downhole.