Safety-minded Culture. Safe Workplace.

Our number one priority is the safety of anyone who walks through our doors. Fortress Downhole Tools is committed to providing the highest standards in health, safety and environment. We work to raise awareness and cultivate a positive health and safety culture across all of our operations. Fortress aims to foster a positive work environment where employees can learn and grow for the benefit of the company. The company’s Safety Incentive Program was developed in order to reward employee safety performance every quarter.

Safety procedures and policies that employees must participate in are as follows:

  • Employees must complete a minimum of one Behavioral Based Safety Observation Card per week.
  • Employees must participate in daily Job Safety Analysis.
  • Employees must always wear proper PPE.
  • Employees operating the forklift must complete a daily inspection before use.
  • Employees must not be involved in any incident or injury.
  • Employees must not have any violations with a vehicle. This includes any traffic violation, bodily harm to self or others as a result of a vehicle violation, and any property damage to the company vehicle.
  • Employees must adhere to all company safety policies in Fortress Downhole Tools’ employee handbook and safety manual.
  • Employee must not have any behavioral violation.
  • All new hire training and annual training must be completed as well as Short Service Employee paperwork for new employees.
  • The Safety Acknowledgement Form must be signed by representative employee stating that they understand company policies and procedures.

Trained and Trusted

All our tool technicians are trained and certified to meet Fortress’ job safety analysis and standard operating procedures, along with all of the latest industry protocols–including SafeLand USA. We regularly review and assess our safety standards and conduct risk assessments to meet the most rigorous HSE standards in the oil and gas industry.

Approved by ISNetworld Compliance and Veriforce

We also provide technical support and on-site implementation for new customers.