A vision of excellence in setting tool solutions.

As the leading solutions provider in setting tool technology and services, Fortress Downhole tools is committed to providing the highest quality downhole completion tools to the North American oil and gas industry. Inspired by performance, our goal is to deliver advanced solutions to meet all of our customer needs. Combining state-of-the-art technology with data-driven performance, Fortress is setting the standard in downhole tools. Our patented iFortress mobile app tracks the life cycle of each setting tool. Every step of the rebuild process is recorded so that customers can depend on reliable and efficient tools. Our priority is to be the most trusted provider of safe, sustainable and quality tools and services.

Data Driven Performance.

“CYCLOPS is a one-of-a-kind tool. It exceeds where all other competitors fall short. Fortress made redress in the field obsolete.”

“Fortress is a success story. Their success is our success. We can’t operate the way we do without them being successful, and vice versa.”

“Fortress has always been there whenever we needed them. The service quality they deliver is unlike some of the competitors at larger companies.”

“When you reach out to Fortress, you know that you are going to talk to someone that you know and have built a relationship with—Fortress really cares about the product that they are delivering to their customers.”

“I used to think about setting tool issues all the time. Now, with Fortress Downhole Tools’ CYCLOPS, it is the least of my worries.”
“CYCLOPS Setting Tool has been the tool of choice for us. Over one year, we have not seen any failures and the tracking data for the tool has been awesome.”
“Fortress offers a cost-effective, quality setting tool program that goes beyond just selling a tool.”
“The technology behind the tool and the competitive pricing they offer makes CYCLOPS the tool of choice for us.”