Collaborative Solutions to Combat Wellbore’s High Deviation and Pressure

When previously run tools could not reach the setting depth without flooding, Fortress Downhole Tools provided a custom solution with an upgraded seal to specifically combat the pressure and deviations experienced in the well. Fortress was approached by a major operator to provide a setting tool that could drift a highly deviated wellbore, while still providing 100 percent reliability.

The wellbore pressure and deviations on this well were beyond what the Cyclops setting tool had previously experienced. Fortress’ expert engineering team worked together to develop a solution for this application and mobilize upgraded tools without any service disruption to the customer.

The patented Cyclops ST2000 setting tool with upgraded internal seals was utilized with a 100 percent success rate on all remaining frac plug runs on the highly deviated well. The upgraded seals on the setting tool provided a further degree of reliability for Cyclops and will expand the offering of well conditions for the tool to successfully continue in setting frac plugs.

Working together, Fortress was able to improve the operator’s ability to complete problem wells in a more time and cost-efficient manner. With the increased depths and lateral lengths, Cyclops can set frac plugs at high pressure and provide the reliability needed for customers on difficult wells.

New Mexico ~ Delaware Basin

Cyclops ST2000


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Collaborative solutions to combat wellbore’s high deviation and pressure