Frac Operations No Longer Limited by Wireline Setting Tool and Redress Capabilities

Fortress Downhole Tools was approached by a major oilfield operator with a unique opportunity to provide setting tool reliability and redress turnaround that can meet and exceed the fast-paced requirements of any frac schedule.

Prior to COVID, the operator had a team of eight shop personnel working seven days per week rebuilding Baker 20 setting tools. With a run rate of 8-10 per day, the team transported the dirty tools from the field and brought out what was needed for the day’s shift. When COVID hit and the frac fleets were released, the shop personnel were laid off. As operations returned to normal, the company turned to reliable setting tools that could be rebuilt efficiently to keep up with the daily run rate and did not require the personnel and overhead.

Working closely with the customer, Fortress proved its setting tool technology could perform as efficiently as the Baker 20 setting tool. Utilizing the patented Cyclops ST2000 setting tool and recycling service, we established a recycling business model to meet and exceed the customer’s anticipated run rates of 15-20 runs per day. The Cyclops ST2000 was trialed on one pad, delivering 100 percent reliability and meeting the desired run rates. Following the first trial, the company now employees Fortress’ setting tool on all four of their frac fleets as well as a toe prep fleet.

When lower overhead and dependability are required to meet fast-paced run rates, Fortress offers a setting tool platform that allows for single run setting tools to be serviced off-site by qualified personnel, while exceeding industry standard reliability.

Midland, Texas

Cyclops ST2000


Frac operations no longer limited by wireline setting tool and redress capabilities

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