Major Operator Turns to Reliable Source for Setting Tool Solutions in Harsh Downhole Conditions

Searching for success in setting a third-party frac plug on a Baker 10 setting tool, a major operator turned to Fortress Downhole Tools for an innovative solution. The company was having issues with frac plug and setting tool functionality in a well with reduced drift and high deviation. The operator provided a slim hole frac plug to be used in combination with the Fortress Cyclops ST1000 setting tool.

The patented Cyclops ST1000 setting tool was challenged to operate in the restricted internal diameter while maintaining the functionality of the setting tool. With 100 percent success rate in all of the operator’s plugs on location, the Cyclops ST1000 demonstrated that there is a setting tool platform that can reliably operate in the most difficult downhole conditions where other setting tools fail to perform.

In wellbores where drilling deviation or formation issues may occur, Fortress delivers a setting tool that can set frac plugs at critical depths and in deformed casing with the reliability needed for seamless completion operations to continue without coil tubing or fishing intervention. Cyclops validated the design and functionality in critical wellbores, while saving time and unnecessary costs for remedial intervention.

East Texas ~ Haynesville Shale

Cyclops ST1000


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Major operator turns to reliable source for setting tool solutions in harsh downhole conditions

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