Setting Tool Solutions for High Pressure Wells

A major frac plug provider came to Fortress Downhole Tools to provide a setting tool that could repeatably set the company’s frac plugs under 15,000 pounds per square inch (PSI) hydrostatic and applied pressure.

Across multiple shale regions, the operator had been setting frac plugs in wells with high hydrostatic pressure. The company was testing a variety of setting tools in their test wells with limited results and poor reliability. Other setting tools were limited in pressure area design, setting tool gas volume and reduced power charge.

The patented Cyclops ST2000 is manufactured out of the highest quality materials and designed to be used in high pressure environments. Multiple tests across the operator’s frac plug sites resulted in a 100 percent success rate in all operations. The combination of pressure area and power charge volume in the redressable Cyclops ST2000 lead to meeting and exceeding the high-pressure requirements needed to set frac plugs in any well. The Cyclops setting tool also reduced the risk of fishing jobs or to run coil to retrieve partially stroked setting tools. By reducing downtime and the need for coil tubing intervention, the company had increased confidence in setting frac plugs in high pressure wells.

With the increased depths and lengths of laterals in well sites, Fortress’ Cyclops setting tool can set frac plugs at high pressure and provide the reliability needed—allowing for well designs to continue to evolve.

Houston, Texas

Cyclops ST2000


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